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STEAM 2 (c) Richard Baybutt

A group of urban explorers discover beneath canvas tarps a machine that changed the world. Captivated they shovel coal on the fires of the past. Drivers and workers hurry back at the sound of a whistle’s blast, and the passengers begin to dance…

In STEAM the UPG Team tell stories from the imagined life of a steam locomotive, inspired by the slapstick comedy of Buster Keaton through the train-jackings of the Wild West and from the rooftop stunts of a James Bond Chase through the heartbreak of the First World War to the dark future of inner-city commuting…

Combining contemporary and urban dance with authentic French free running the UPG Team have toured their pioneering performance-parkour across five continents for over ten years, teaching wherever they go.

STEAM was Co-Commissioned by South East Dance, Pavilion Dance South West and the Civic, Barnsley. It was supported with lottery funding by the Arts Council of England


For three days the UPGTeam will work with local young people to create a trail of new site specific choreographies animating public spaces with their unique blend of dance and parkour. Working with the pioneers of 2PK (performance-parkour) young people will learn the fundamentals of authentic French free-running and create short sequences of dynamic movement bringing to life the places where they live and making something very new from the familiar. Over three days the choreographies will pop up forming a trail from Shoreham Port to the UPG Team’s finale performance of STEAM at the Southwick Green event on Saturday 18th June., 11-4pm with performance times for this piece to be advertised nearer the time.